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What's the difference between the Basic and Pro Plans?
What's the difference between the Basic and Pro Plans?
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The Basic plan is perfect for individuals looking to sample what Uxcel offers with no strings attached.

You can try the first level of every course at no cost! You'll also get access to the Weekly Challenges to keep learning fresh and relevant, Arcade Games that will train and sharpen your design eye, basic search functionality, and the ability to bookmark up to 50 exercises!

The Pro plan is designed for students and practicing professionals who want to improve their design skills proactively, familiarize themselves with design terminology, and pivot or advance their careers.

You get everything in Basic, plus: access to all levels of our courses and certificates of completion, an archive of Weekly Challenges, advanced search functionality, Arcade Hard training, and a complete Uxcel UI Kit. Additionally, all Uxcel Pro members are invited to join our Slack Community, a network of design professionals, tech enthusiasts, and lifelong learners who actively share professional resources, design feedback, and socialize.

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