What are assessment credits?

Assessment credits are how you can purchase assessments for hiring purposes. Assessment credits work just like your gaming or shopping tokens that you cash in to make specific purchases. You can buy and use assessment credits to send individual assessments to screen candidates or test your teammates.

How many assessment credits will I need?

1 assessment credit is equal to 1 completed assessment. This means your credit will only be processed for the people that start and finish the assessment — no credits are wasted on declined or expired assessment invitations.

We offer different bundles of credits that you can buy according to your needs, starting with 5 credits and going as high as you need! Keep in mind — if you plan on sending out many assessments, it’s most practical to buy the credits in bulk upfront. The more you buy, the more you save!

Do these assessment credits expire?

No, your assessment credits do not expire.

What happens if a user doesn’t take an assessment request?

When you send out an assessment invitation, your candidate can take one of three actions:

1) Take and complete the assessment

2) Decline the invitation

3) Ignore and let the assessment request expire

Your assessment credit will only be used up for the users that complete their assessment, so no need to worry about your credits going to waste. You will be able to re-send assessment invitations as many times as you need.

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