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What is Uxcel Teams?
What's included in Uxcel Teams?
What's included in Uxcel Teams?
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Uxcel Teams is ideal for design teams, freelancers, designers, or agencies that want to improve their team's existing talent and hire new design talent faster and cheaper. It's less expensive to upskill your existing teammates than it is to hire new ones!

With Teams, we’re tackling two critical issues that all design teams face:

1) constantly developing your team members’ design skills

2) hiring the right talent for the job.

With Uxcel Teams, you can do both.

Sign up your team and let each member take charge of their learning journey with our content library of design best-practices and up-and-coming methods. Whenever it’s time for you to hire, you can streamline your hiring process with our assessments. You invite the candidates by email, they take our skills-based assessment, and you get all the results compiled neatly into a report to make the right call. It’s that easy.

On top of everything the Uxcel Pro plan offers, the Teams plan comes with admin roles and permissions, one Pro seat, team billing, live chat, and a team profile so that you can focus on upskilling current employees and hassle-free hiring. Plus, you get access to add-ons exclusive to business accounts, such as Hiring Assessments and an unlimited number of seats in your team.

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