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What is the Design Score (DS)?
What is the Design Score (DS)?

Find out what the Uxcel Design Score (DS) is and how it is calculated.

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Design Score (DS) is a metric used to evaluate the design skills, knowledge, and capabilities of designers compared to others on a 100-point scale. It is a score assigned to a designer based on their proficiency in completing Uxcel assessments, courses, lessons, and challenges.

To calculate DS, we consider the following:

  • Assessments provide the most weight to your DS, as they are the best mechanism for identifying a designer's skill gaps.

  • Earning your Verified Designer status is a great way to build up your DS, as it allows our system to look at your work experience, education, projects, and portfolio.

  • Completing courses and lessons builds your DS by showing you are engaged in continuous education and constantly working to build new skills.

  • Participating in challenges to build real-world design skills adds to your DS as well as adds new artifacts to your portfolio.

The Design Score is usually used by teams and individuals to assess the current strengths of designers and use this as a benchmark for future improvements.

Designers with a top score are eligible to join the Designer Rankings and be recognized as top designers worldwide. Being a top-ranked designer can improve your career opportunities, allow for collaboration with other companies and designers, and help you get recognized for your outstanding efforts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is my DS much higher or lower than others?

Your DS is based on a 100-point scale in relation to other designs using Uxcel. Other users may have a higher score because they have completed more assessments, courses, lessons, or challenges.

What is the maximum score I can earn?

On Uxcel, the maximum achievable DS is 100, although it is incredibly difficult to earn.

Why has my score changed over time while I haven’t done anything?

To calculate your score on the Uxcel platform, we use a complex formula that takes into account various factors, such as the completion of resources, the amount of content available, and the scores earned by other designers. This means that your score is not static and can change over time if the community keeps earning while you do not.

I took a Verified Designer assessment and scored in the top 1%. Why is my score much lower?

Assessments, such as Verified Designer, provide the most weight to your DS, as they are the best mechanism for identifying a designer's skill gaps. However, to build up a higher score, we are taking into account the completion of other skill tests, lessons, courses, etc. We're constantly improving the DS algorithm, and you might see some fluctuations over time.

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