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Learn everything about Verified Designer program, what are the benefits, and how to become one.

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Proving your skills as a designer can be time-consuming and challenging. This is why the Verified Designer program was started.

Our primary goal is to help design professionals showcase their strengths, experience, and achievements the best way possible.

Designers are spending months on building their portfolio, while stressing and facing imposter syndrome during the entire process.

We wanted to remove the stress you’re facing by giving you a simple, streamlined way to make sure you present your skills the best way possible!

Uxcel is built on three pillars:

We’re on a mission to enable every designer to build their portfolio hassle-free, and present showcase what they can bring to the table.

Here’s how to join the Verified Designer Program:

  • Create and build your professional profile. Think of this as your online resumé but better. You can showcase your experience, skills, and portfolio for employers to pursue. Get more tips on how to build your portfolio here.

  • Score in the top 30% of our Verified Designer test. The test consists of 40 questions and generally takes about 15 minutes to take (you have 20 minutes to complete the test).

  • Pro tip: record a video intro! Users who complete this step are twice as likely to be accepted into the program. Get tips on what to include here.

  • Apply for the program. Wondering what we review? We’ll look at your professional profile on Uxcel (be sure to include a profile image and fill in your summary), your LinkedIn Profile and portfolio links, your career preferences, and your design background.

We’ll be in touch if you’re accepted! If you don’t get in, you can improve your skills, profile, and portfolio to apply again in the future.

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