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Learn what Squads are all about and how you can utilize them to improve design literacy within your organization

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Over the years, we have seen designers facing a big challenge - going back and forth with communicating and pushing design outputs to internal stakeholders. We have worked on creating learning material to help design teams take action and improve design literacy within their organization, such as Design Terminology, Design Workshop Facilitation, Design Articulation to Stakeholders, Articulating Design Decisions, and more.

We want to take a leap forward, and help design teams bring their internal stakeholders and help them understand design better, in order to level up their design literacy.

πŸŽ‰ Introducing Uxcel Squads πŸŽ‰

Our ultimate goal is to help you improve design literacy within your team. Imagine a world where developers, product, and marketing understand components, design lingo, how design drives business growth... sounds surreal, right?

With Uxcel Squads, we're allowing you to create multiple teams inside your Uxcel account, giving you an option to help your internal stakeholders get distilled, to-the-point UX education, while developing UX skills over time, so you can make sure your design decisions are put into actions ASAP!

How it works?

Every squad can be filtered inside the dashboard, where you can filter progress, skill graph, assignments, and more, only for a specific team. As a design manager, you can make sure and assign custom learning content to your development, product, marketing, or any other team that you wish to bring to Uxcel, so you can help them understand design a bit better.

Once you create your squad, you can add your team members to be a part of a specific squad that they have a connection to, whether if it is a development team, or a marketing or product manager that is part of an internal team building internal products.

Wanna test Squads out?

Squads are available only on Uxcel for Teams! You can for free here.

You can also try Uxcel for Teams without creating an account by clicking the button below πŸ‘‡

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