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Introduction to Team Upskill feature of Uxcel Teams

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Uxcel Team Upskill allows you to train your design team at scale with a powerful suite of learning and skill testing tools. Team Upskill is diversified into 3 key features:

Understand your team’s skill set

With Team Upskill, you get access to your teams and individual UX professional skill graph, allowing you to get a bird-eye overview of your entire team, and to benchmark individuals based on their soft skills and hard skills. We help you measure over 70 design skills, so you can get a comprehensive overview of your entire team.

Turbo-charging growth and learning

With Team Upskill, you can identify unique skills, strengths, and areas they need to improve, and to provide them with the necessary support to achieve that improvement. Our recommendation engine can help you assign proper courses, assessments, lessons, and challenges to your team members, helping you to streamline their career growth.

Get key performance insights

With Team Upskill, you can watch your team’s skills improve right before your eyes. Reporting can help you build healthy UX design learning habits, and create a proper mentorship program, whether you taking the mentoring on your end, or introduce peer mentoring by matching them with your team members that are proficient with the skills others are willing to improve.

How Team Upskill impacts your team member’s individual accounts?

By default, every team member that joins your team has a Pro subscription unlocked. This means that your team members get access to all of our learning content, bonus lessons, and discounts on professional certifications. Here is the list of features that your team members will get with a Pro subscription:

  • Full lessons and course library

  • Shareable course certificates

  • Guided career paths

  • Eye-training games

  • Design tool assessments

  • Design skill assessments

  • Video and books assessments

  • Design skill graph

  • Designer score card

  • Skill benchmarking

  • 7-day window for assessments re-take

  • Eligibility for Designer Rankings

  • Real-world design challenges

  • Professional challenge reviews

  • Professional design profile

  • Personalized profile URL

  • Access to slack community

  • Discount on Professional Certifications

  • Uxcel UI kit

  • Live Chat Support

What are specific features you’re unlocking as a Team?

As a team admin, you’re unlocking a specific set of features that are only available for teams, that will help you build out a design powerhouse with ease. These features are:

  • Seats management

  • Unlimited seat switching

  • Member analytics - explore how your members are learning

  • Team skill graph - a bird-eye view of your entire team’s skill set

  • Members performance and activity - identify top performers, as well as areas for improvement for specific individuals

  • Team skill matrix (coming soon) - a comprehensive breakdown of team’s skill set across 70 different skills

  • Member assignments and reviews - assign learning material and review completion

  • Custom invoicing options

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