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Improve your employee retention and satisfaction with team and individual reporting
Improve your employee retention and satisfaction with team and individual reporting

A detailed guide on individual and team reporting + tips, tricks and use-cases for improving your employee retention

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Team and individual reporting allows you to get key learning performance insights and to understand how your learning impacts your design team outputs, terminology, and overall company growth.

You can watch your team’s skill improve right before your eyes, while building healthy UX design learning habits.

The importance of reporting

Reporting allows you to see how your entire team is progressing with learning content, and how they are gradually improving their designer score. You can filter progress based on a weekly, monthly, and all-time basis, to showcase your top learners.

Tips and tricks for building a healthy UX design culture

Having your team’s learning progress just a few clicks away can help you make powerful decisions that can turn your design team into a powerhouse. Here are some tips and tricks you can implement with our Reporting feature:

Praise and reward your top learners

Our users are seeing 4x higher engagement and course completion rates from the industry counterparts. Gamification and bite-sized content definitely play a crucial role in this, as we made learning design accessible and hella fun.

By getting insights on how your designers are progressing with learning materials, you can implement weekly or monthly rewards for top learners, as well as praising them within the team, and publicly, to the whole company.

Not only this will boost their motivation, but you’re directly impacting their satisfaction and increasing their retention rate.

Making smarter decisions

On your team Dashboard, you can see the entire team history – seeing which courses, assessments, lessons, and certificates your team members have completed, or acquired.

Going a bit more granular, you can see the individual report – how they scored on the specific assessments, or viewing certificates, allowing you to understand their skill level, and giving you insights on how to mentor them and improve them.

Individual reporting

As you can see in the Team Activity GIF above, you can see the certificates and reports of each individual. This will allow you to see how your team members scored on specific assessments, courses, and certificates.

For example, Kate took a Color Assessment, and we can see that she scored 86/100, while being in Top 15% of all designers on Uxcel.

When your team members gradually retake assessments, you can track and see their learning progress, and how it is impacting their growth.

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