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Learn how to staff the right people to the right project at the right team by combining Team Skill Graph, Assignments and Team Reporting

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Staffing the right people, to the right projects, at the right time is a crucial skill for every design leader. In this guide, we want to show you how you can utilize 2 specific features that will allow you to make more data-driven staffing decisions.

Imagine a scenario where you need to choose 3 designers out of 32, from 5 different countries on a project that requires a full web-app wireframe. As a leader, you want to staff the best people on this project, as you have a potential to bring the whole development project under your roof, based on the initial wireframe project.

Step #1 - Assess your entire team

In order to make the best possible design output for this project, you’d like to find team members with the highest Interaction Design skill set. You can use Team Skill Graph, but you can also assess your entire team, by assigning wireframe, prototyping and other skill-based assessments. In order to learn more about the assignments, click here.

Step #2 - Review individual assessment results

Within your team history, you can see that all your team members have completed the assessment that you assigned to them. By accessing individual reports, you can get insights about their results, find the best designers that are most proficient, and staff them to the specific project.

In order to learn more about individual and team reporting, feel free to click here.

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