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Switching from Individual account to Team Plan
Switching from Individual account to Team Plan

What happens when you switch from an individual account to a Team account

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If you’re our existing user (free or Pro), you can start your Team free trial. You can start a 14-day free trial here.

Is my individual learning progress saved, if I create a team?

Yes! Learning progress is tied to the individual account, meaning that your progress is saved.

I want to transfer progress to my business account, for team purposes. Is this possible?

We can begin the migration process per request. If you’re required to join via your business email, while you previously registered with your personal email address, we can definitely support you and transfer your progress. Bear in mind that this process can take between 3-5 business days.

Will I lose access to all the Pro learning materials if I switch to Teams?

No, you will not lose access to your Pro learning materials. By default, all accounts on Teams plan are Pro, meaning that they have access to our entire library.

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